Saturday, 17 February 2018

Well back at uni for a week. The work load for this semester had increased dramatically. Looks like the long break over Christmas has given us all a new vigour and determination. I love my studies. Something I never thought I would ever say having avoided this for most of my life. Now I am doing a degree in a subject  I never would have considered and enjoying it. My philosophy? Never give up. Never stop evolving and never let anyone put you down. 

Thursday, 25 January 2018

I belong to a small writing group in Cork. We meet when we can. The thing is, we have some amazingly talented writers among our numbers. Our genres and age reach are varied but all are amateurs with great ambitions of wanting to write. Most of all we just love to write.
Creative Writing in Cork is holding a gathering of writers tonight 6-8pm. Please note the change of day. 

Monday, 22 January 2018

As one who originally hails from the UK I have listened eagerly to the ramblings and bickerings of Brexit for nearly two years now. One of the striking things that, from my own point of view, is that there is a lack of interest in preserving the interests of those of us who for one reason or another live in countries that are in the EU and outside the EU. Interesting that all the nationalities living in the UK for one reason or another are being catered for yet no one has seen fit to ensure those of us living abroad from the UK are OK. This is one of the reasons why the UK is so unpopular among the EU and other countries. The Government cares only for itself and looking to do the right thing but in reality is doing nothing. Rant over. Going to get a cup of coffee.
It is really ironic when you consider thee new phase of  some youngsters of eating washing powder pods, especially when as parents we are guided to keep them from toddlers reach, washing machine pod companies spend millions advising on safe storage to prevent such disasters. And the minute these brainless yobs can feed themselves they start eating them for fun. Where has it all gone wrong?
Can hardly believe that 4 years ago today we sold our house, packed up our things, the dogs and cats and all moved to Ireland. Where has the time gone!!!!!!!!
Is it me or have the mornings become darker in 2018 instead of lightening?