Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Is it me or has the latest round of privacy scandals finally killed off Facebook?
The first year of art college comes to an end today when we receive provisional marks for part four course. A mixture of panic, fear, excitement. Looking forward to September and starting Year 2. A nice long summer break begins!!!!!

Friday, 9 March 2018

We hear a lot about Brexit where we live although the UK do not think we are part of the Uk because we live elsewhere. No one can go alone in this world held together by the fragile web that is the internet. Not even the UK and one of the things I have realised over the past few years of travel is that the rest of the world do not look kindly on the Brits. They all have their reasons I suppose. Mind you a country that is seeking independence from the rest of Europe is going to be in need of a few friends, the UK Government is not doing much to protect the right os Brits living abroad, especially if they are still living in a country that is part of the EU.