Wednesday, 16 November 2016


What is the definition of a bully?
A coward.

All those who bully do it in secret, with their cronies, out of sight. It is a cowardly thing to do. A bully is so yellow that when they know they are being watched they are charm itself. When out of sight they revert to their nasty ways.

When we think of bullies we think of the school playground the stolen lunch money, the menace lurking in the shadows waiting for their victim to pass. But bullies are not only children. Adults can bully, and do. They are clever enough to convince themselves they are right and that their victim is indeed the perpetrator.

Exclusion fro groups, being treated differently and with less respect than everyone else with racist comments like "You do not understand because you are from another country,". These are all forms of bullying.

Bullies lie. They are convincing liars with the ability to smarm their way out of their crimes and point the finger of blame on someone else.

This is Beat the Bully Month.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hi Everyone.
     Thank you all for looking at my page while I have been absent. I have gone back to college to study art, craft and design which is time consuming. I have some new work to add to the page but is in need of further editing.
     It's bonfire night in the uk tonight. Take care and don't forget to check the bonfires for hedgehogs before setting light.
     Have a great evening.