Monday, 26 September 2016

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Jim O'Leary. A man of great achievement. A poet and a great humanitarian.
Tribute to Jim O'Leary
In the months of his illness Jim wrote a series of poems of which I was honoured
with several others to have been sent via e mail. This is one of them.
Please respect the copyright of Jim O'leary.
Jim's style of writing changed considerably throughout this time and showed his optimism, his heartbreak his courage.
I owe him so much. He helped me find my writing voice. I met him when he took the group at the Ballincollig Resource Centre and the time when the group was at the White Horse under theme of Ballincollig Scribblers. Happy times.
Is this the end,…
Sleep is the end
Of every day, a waking
Possible but not assured
And the morning brings new joy;
Down in that space
Where life seems lost,
A struggle-world whispers
That the all is not despair,…
…Clustering, friends, close
To that turmoil that prevails,
Shake up a sinking soul,
The desperation of a doomsday,
And a light, a blue-moon light,
Spells courage to engage with life,…
…This end will not prevail for now.
© Jim O’Leary